Jeanne Matthis Biokineticist, Fourways

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What is Biokinetics?

Biokineticists are exercise or movement specialists who help reduce pain and injury as well as improve athletic performance. We do this by helping you correct muscle imbalances and movement patterns. Biokineticists treat the cause of the pain or injury and not simply the symptom. By teaching our bodies to move correctly and restoring muscle balance, Biokinetics provides an effective and long-term solution to pain and injury.

All Biokineticists are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

What can I expect from a Biokinetics assessment and treatment?

Postural Analysis will determine how your posture can affect your body and if there is any link to your pain, for example, a posture of rounded shoulders can lead to upper back and neck pain.

Muscle Testing determines which muscles are strong/tight and which muscles are weak/long. Imbalances between tight and weak muscles can result in pain, for example, lower back pain.

Biomechanical Analysis is the analysis of how your body moves and fits together. Both postural analysis and muscle testing will give us clues. For example, someone experiencing hip pain might have flat feet and knock-knees causing excessive rotation in the knee and hip while walking or running.

Therapeutic Exercise Prescription is the tool that Biokineticists use to correct the underlying reason for your pain. Weak muscles are strengthened, tight muscles are stretched. These are not "gym exercises" but targeted exercises designed to make you better.

Jeanne has a special interest in back care and running injuries.

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